Learner’s Guide On How To Do Facebook Advanced Search Like A Pro

by | Jan 2, 2021

Facebook advanced search

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In today’s time, social media plays a major role in most people’s lives. Some people use this platform to interact and connect with others. While some people use it to spread awareness about causes or of their brand. But the major attraction of social media is that it provides tons of entertainment and information to you.

So when it talks about social media, the first name that comes up in our mind is Facebook. It’s been in this industry for more than a decade and has a 2.5 billion active monthly user base. Thus, it has one of the largest active user databases, making it hugely popular in the world.

But with so many users, sometimes finding people or posts can be a strenuous process. Assuming you were searching for an old college mate of yours, so just typing in his name will produce thousands of results. Instead, use Facebook advanced search to find the right person easily.

Wanna know how to do that?

How To Use Facebook Advanced Search On Desktop?

Actually, using Facebook’s advanced search option on the desktop screen is very easy. Just follow the below steps. Eureka! You will find people or posts in just a few minutes.

1. Open a new tab on your desktop and type www.facebook.com

Facebook Login

2. Once the Facebook page loads up, you will locate the search button on the left top corner.

Facebook advanced search

3. Type in anything that you plan to search and press Enter.

Facebook Search

4. You can check out all of the 9 Facebook advanced search categories and start searching accordingly.

Facebook Search Results

a) Posts– You can find posts of your friends or posts in which someone has tagged your friend.

Facebook Search Results for post

b) People– Find new or old friends based upon location, education, or workplace.

Facebook Search Results for people

c) Photos– Look for photos based upon the type, location, year, the person posted the picture.

Facebook Search Results for photos

d) Videos– Search videos on the basis of date, location, or FB live.

Facebook Search Results for videos

e) Marketplace– In this category, you can search for different products to purchase which are present in Facebook’s marketplace. That being said, there are few restrictions on using this marketplace. For example, some products that you want to purchase might not be allowed to be sold in your country.

Facebook Search Results for marketplace

f) Pages– This option allows you to search the page you’re looking for using different types of filters. Like, you can look for a particular product based on whether it is sold locally or not.

Facebook Search Results for pages

g) Places– This option helps you to search for different places. For example, you can search for new restaurants, hotels, night clubs, etc., all on the basis of the location you choose.

Facebook Search Results for places

h) Groups– You can look for specific groups by narrowing them down on the basis of location, group status, and your membership status.

Facebook Search Results for groups

i) Events– You can opt for this option if you’re searching for an online or physical event by choosing a location. In this option, you can also know how many days are left for the event. Plus, you can look for events based on your interests, family-friendly, and popular amongst your friends.

Facebook Search Results for events

All of these options have sub-options that narrow down the person and post you’re looking for. So here are examples of how these sub-options work.

Finding Posts on Facebook Using Advanced Search Option

Are you searching for the post your friend posted a month ago? Why go through the trouble of going through that friend’s Facebook wall posts. Just follow the below steps to figure out how to find posts using Facebook advanced search option.

1. Click on the search bar.

Facebook Search

2. Once the search bar opens, type in the person’s name you’re looking for and press Enter. Please note that when you type in a person’s name, you’ll see that Facebook will send a lot of suggestions. Don’t click on any of the suggestions, as that will redirect you to the person’s Facebook profile.

Facebook advanced search

3. Click on the post and see that your search category divides into various sub-categories.

Facebook advanced search results for posts

4. Now to search for the post you’ve already seen, activate the first option, i.e. “Posts You’ve Seen”.

Facebook advanced search results for posts you have seen

Then, choose the year it was posted on, who posted the post, and the location of the person. This will help you get your desired results in a matter of a few minutes.

Facebook advanced search results for posts you have seen with years       Facebook advanced search results for posts you have seen       Facebook advanced search

How To Use Facebook Advanced Search On Android Phone

The best thing about Facebook is that you can use Facebook advanced search on your phone too.

1. Open the Facebook Mobile App on your phone.

Facebook App

2. Click on the search icon present on the top right corner of the app.

Facebook advanced search on mobile device

Type in something in the search bar. Facebook’s advanced search algorithm helps to search for similar pages by providing you with different options. This helps to locate the specific page, post, or people you’re looking for.

Facebook advanced search

Searching in the Mobile App is like the desktop version. The only difference is that to fit into the mobile screen, Facebook provides the category options in different tabs. Therefore, move left and right again and again to fill in all the information.

Facebook advanced search results on phone

3. To find someone, type in their name in the search box.

Facebook advanced search

4. Click on one of the categories and you can see the “Options” come-up on the top right corner of the screen.

Facebook advanced search with more options

5. Click on the “Options” to see the extra filter options for each category.

Facebook advanced search with photos

6. Choose your filters and you will get the results accordingly on the top of the screen. For example, here’s the filter for the “Photos” category. The sub-category consists of three filters: posted by, date and location.

Facebook advanced search for photos     Facebook advanced search    Facebook advanced search    Facebook advanced search

Searching for new posts or people has never been so easy till now. Use Facebook advanced search options to look for anyone and anything.

How To Use Facebook Advanced Search On iPhone

Lucky for you, the Facebook app on iOS follows the same above directions as the android phone for Facebook advanced search.

To use this special feature of Facebook on iOS, run through the below steps:

  1. Open the Facebook app on any Apple device.
  2. Click on the search icon on the top right corner of the page.
  3. In the search box, you can type anything that you want to search to enable Facebook’s advanced search options.
  4. The first thing you will see is the different categories for the item you have searched. Because the screen space is limited, swipe left and right to use the sub-categories.
  5. Select a category you like from the search options bar.
  6. Click on the top right corner button to access advanced search filters.
  7. Select the filter options and you will be presented with appropriate results immediately.

Facebook Advanced Search: A Piece of Cake

Since you have gone through the above Facebook advanced search guidelines, we hope you can use it like a pro now. Facebook has made searching any posts or people extremely easy for everyone. Even an amateur can access it with no troubles.

The best part is that you can access the benefits of this advanced search on both desktop and phone. The process is almost similar for both devices. So we hope you have a great time searching for anything and everything you like with no problems.

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