How We Work?

Our website design works

How Can We Help You?

At Infibusiness Solution, we provide you a platform to start your online business with the help of mass-appealing websites. The websites we create are engaging, beautiful to look at, and easy to edit and handle

But before we build your website, we would need your business’s and your basic information. That way, we can make a properly functioning website containing the right information about your business and you.

Though everyone wants a free website, you can only avail of this offer if you buy hosting rights from using our affiliate link. This helps us to receive a commission, which supports us to provide you with a Free website.

In general, in our FREE website scheme, you can get a fully functional website with brilliant design and security features along with being SEO optimized. So why wait, contact us at 7041360736 and schedule a FREE consultation call today.


Fill In The Form

Before you book us for the FREE consultation call, fill in this questionnaire. This helps us to understand your needs and requirements. It further helps us to think of the best solution, which can have a lasting impact.


Complete Back-End Work

We begin by setting up web hosting and aligning the back-end of your WordPress website. This includes enabling the necessary plug-ins for SEO, high speed, and security. The plugins also automatically store all your data.


Choose A Background

We understand what designs and templates would work best for you. So we will help you choose the one that suits your needs perfectly. Plus, we will also show you how to edit the template by yourself, to make you completely self-reliant.

Make The Website Official And Hand It Over To You

The website designs we create are very interactive and are easily customizable. After it is SEO optimized and all the necessary plug-ins are added, we hand over the website to you. Along with it, we also provide you with a basic manual on how to edit and use your website properly.

Make The Website Official

What Do You Receive?


Fully Equipped Website

The website we create will have all the latest features and will also meet your requirements.


Incorporated With Important Plug-ins

To make a fully functional website, we incorporate it with all the important plug-ins you would need.


Fully SEO Optimized

Our websites have Google Analytics and Google Search Console embedded in it to help you get better results.


Mobile Friendly

Our websites are accessible through desktop and mobile phones so that people can look at the website using both mediums.


Website Ready in A Day

We understand that time is money. That’s why we create beautiful and functional websites in just 1-day for you.


Help You Become The Master of Your Website

We will teach how to be completely self-reliant when it comes to editing anything on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions!


Our Services And Offers

Why Do You Offer To Create Websites For Free?

The answer to your question is quite easy. This is a perfect way for us to network, get to work in new niches, and create a great portfolio. Many people who have used our free website offer have later on approached us for additional paid services. Plus, this also helps us to connect with people who are ready to hire us for our paid services.

How Do You Handle The Back-End Charges?

You will need a website domain and web hosting for you to upload and run a website. We handle our back-end charges by asking you to sign up with, using our affiliate link.

We get a commission as you register for web hosting services using our affiliate link. You’re not the one paying us. It’s the web hosting company that pays us.

That’s how we can cover our costs with the money we make by commissions. Thus, we are successfully creating free websites for you without charging a dime from you.

How Do We Make Sure That This Business Is Legitimate?

We are one of the highest-rated free website designing companies on Google. Plus, to date, we have served more than 2000+ clients globally. Apart from that, you can check out our service reviews on Facebook and Google ratings to judge our legitimacy.

Not to forget, we have more than 7000+ followers on Facebook. In addition to that, also provides a 30-day money refund policy. So, you can get your investment back if you didn’t like the services.

What If I Already Have An Existing Website Hosting on BMAEasy? Am I Still Allowed To Apply For Your Offer?

In this case, you are still viable to avail the Free website offer.

Is It Okay To Work With You If I Already Have A Website Hosted on Dreamhost or Bluehost?

Yes, you can. In these situations, we can work out a solution between your web hosting and us. If we can come to an amicable solution, then we would love to provide you with a free website. Or else, we will have to kindly deny your application.

Can I Cancel The Offer After Saying Yes?

Yes, you can. So if you need to cancel the website, then you can. Whereas if you have any problems regarding web hosting platforms, then offers a 30-day money refund policy.

What If I Want A Website But Not The Web Hosting Option?

For the long haul, it’s always beneficial to buy web hosting and domain name rights. But still, if you want a free option, then you can use WordPress, Wix, or Weebly. They allow users to host their websites for free on the condition that your domain name will feature the name of the hosting site.

For example

But if you want a website with your domain name and URL, then purchasing web hosting is necessary.

Do We Have To Pay Any Additional Charges or Subscription Fees?

No, there are no charges.

You won’t have to fill in your credit card details anywhere. We are providing you with a FREE website only if you buy web hosting from We get paid a commission by the web hosting company if you were to sign up using our affiliate link.

However, we also provide paid website designing services for those who want professional-looking websites. You can go through the paid templates on DIVI or choose the free ones provided by WordPress. It’s completely up to you in which direction you want to go in.

Is It Compulsory For Me To Have An Existing Domain Name?

In case you have already bought a domain name, then we can work with it. Else, we can help you find the perfect one for you.


Application Process

Where Do I Apply For Free Websites?

You can register your name here.

What Do You Check-In Any Application?

We go through each application thoroughly. So while reviewing an application, we check for the following things:

  • What niche is the company in?
  • What is the ideology behind the company?
  • Whether the product or services crosses any of our ethical lines.
  • Are they already providing the service/ product or are they on their way to launch their business with us?
  • The needs and requirements of the company.
How Much Time Do You Take To Process An Application?

Generally, we take about 2-3 business days to process the complete application.

What Are The Chances Of Getting Selected?

We receive hundreds of applications every week from which we generally select at least 20% or less. 


Service Process

Which Program Do You Use To Create Websites?

We use WordPress to make all our websites as it is the best content management system in the market. Plus, it’s easy to use, edit and handle so even you can handle it easily later on.

We launch the free WordPress websites through the web hosting platform that you purchase. If you want to get free websites from us, you have to sign up with our web hosting platform,

What Does Your Website Include?

The professional WordPress websites we make have 4-5 pages depending on the services/product list. The pages include Homepage, About Us, Service/Product List pages, Contact Us, and Sales page. We create websites as per your likings and needs. Here’s an example of one of our client’s websites:

Do I Need To Have Technical Knowledge To Handle My Website?

The answer is no. WordPress websites are extremely easy to edit, handle, and operate. Also, before we hand over the website to you, we provide a thorough session on how to edit or change your website, if needed. 

In addition to that, in our paid versions, we handle every aspect of your website for you. This includes continuous SEO monitoring, data collection, Google Analytics Report submission, content, etc.

How Do You Design A Website?

Before we begin the designing process, we send you a Google Form to fill. This form contains general information regarding your business and you. For example, it will contain questions on your services, experience, year of launch, location served, phone number, etc. It will also have questions related to you and the company’s vision and mission.

After we have your general information, our professional graphic designer will create a unique template for you. You also have the option to choose a free or paid WordPress template for your website. We also help build customized templates, if that’s what our clients want.

How Much Time Does It Need To Create A Website?

From the submission of the application to the handover takes approximately 5-7 days. This depends on how fast the communication is between us. Moreover, this period can extend if you need any customized additional features. In case you need time to design your logo and write content, then no worries. We are happy to comply with you and work in your time.

Are We Going To Share Control Over My Website Or Will I Have The 100% Control Over It?

You will have 100% control over your website. Once our work is complete, we hand over the complete control of your website to you. In order to gain complete control over your website, delete our user account from your website. You own the website and control it.

What If I Have To Change Something? Will I Be Able To Do It?

For sure! The beauty of WordPress websites is that they are user-friendly and easy to understand. We would provide you a thorough manual on how to make changes so you can do it on your own. Thus, you can change anything regarding the website content, image, color, text, logo, etc.

How Will You Handover The Website To Me?

The website we create has all the backend and frontend work already done for you. So once you get access to the website, you can fill in the content, upload photos, etc. We will also send you a complete manual on how to upload, make changes, and handle your website properly.

Is It Necessary To Have The Complete Website Content Ready?

No, you don’t. We can work at your speed and deliver the website when you’re completely ready with the content. Plus, we would provide you a manual to edit anything on the website. So, you can make the changes accordingly. 

In case you need help in creating content for your website, then we can help you with that too. But it’s part of paid services. So if you’re ready to pay, we will design and also provide great interactive content for your website.

Do You Provide Long-Term Website Management Service?

We don’t provide long-term website management services for free. Get details about our services and cost here.

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