PPC Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a type of paid advertising where you have to pay a certain amount for every click you get on the ad you run.

Boost Your Revenue With The Leading PPC Services

Pay Per Click is a proven and the most effective way of accurately targeting your audience. With the help of modern-day tools like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, you drive the most traffic on your website. The good part is you only have to pay for the clicks you have got on your site. With proper management and practices, your PPC ad campaign will not only improve traffic but also help you generate quality leads.

Af Infibusiness Solution, we are experts in providing the most effective PPC services that ensure the best results. We use the most result-oriented techniques to achieve the desired business goals with extensive keyword research, effective ad campaigns, and the best bidding strategies. Whether you want to improve your existing campaign or create a new one, we are there to help you.

PPC Service We Provide

PPC Services

Search Ads

Get your targeted audience on the search engine to your website with our search ads services.
PPC Services

Display Ads

Display your images and audio-visual ads on multiple sites with our display ads services. 

PPC Services

Shopping Ads

Boost your sales to the next level with our attractive and engaging shopping ads campaigns. 

PPC Services


Convert the leads who have already visited your site into your customers with our remarketing services.

PPC Services

Calling Ads

Amplify your calling rates and generate direct leads with our calling ads campaigns.
PPC Services

Facebook Ads

Bring your social media followers to your website and convert them into customers with Facebook ads.

Our PPC Ads Management Process


Strategy & Planning

Depending on your business requirements, industry, location, and targeted audience we conduct research and create a plan for your ad campaign.

Account Setup & Audit

Then we set up a PPC ads account and conduct a detailed audit if you already have one. It helps in analyzing the previous performance.

Keyword Research

Later on, we start with extensive keyword research that will work best and will be most beneficial for you.

Ad Copy Writing

Afterward, we create engaging and attractive ad copy that motivates your targeted audience to visit your site. 


Ad Campaign

We start running your ads and continuously track and monitor their performance and make the necessary changes wherever required.


We regularly share the key performance of the ad campaigns with clients and communicate the necessary things.

Why Choose Us

PPC is a major investment and everybody wishes for the best ROI. At Infibusiness Solution, our PPC experts make sure you get maximum benefits from your ad campaigns. We use the best practices for keyword research and ad PPC management and always strive to get the required traffic on your site that you can convert into customers.

Website Creation

Frequently Asked Questions on PPC

Do you need access to my Google Ads account?
It would be beneficial to have access to your Google Ads account before the meeting. This way we can go through the campaigns together during the meeting with our consultant sharing their screen.
How will you get access to my account?
You need to share your Google Ads customer ID (found in the top right corner of your Google Ads account), and We will send you an account access request to connect your account to my manager account (MCC), which you must confirm before We can gain access.
We don't have a Google ads account. What can We do?

If you don’t already have a Google Ads account, you can create one in a matter of minutes. We’ll show you how to easily set up your account.


Does the price include the ad spend as well?
No, the price only applies to the campaign you’ve created in your Google Ads account. By adding a billing method to your Google Ads account, you will be able to pay Google directly for the ads.
Do you prepare reports?

Yes, We can prepare Weekly reports and We can have a call every Week.

How do you know what is important for my business?
We will have an extensive conversation about the goals of the campaign at the beginning. In addition, with over 200 clients, We have a lot of experience in different industries and can therefore offer extensive advice.